Zoho Docs App Reviews

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Needs editing. That would be huge of course.

Its nice to be able to access document but editing them would bring the app to another level. Until then I have better apps to read my content.

need an account

dont want to subscribe did not use

Dont work

Didnt work on iPad with iOS 5.1, always crash when I try open some document. Não funcionou no iPad com iOS 5.1, sempre fechando quando tento abrir algum documento.

Sharing not possible via iPad

App crashes when accessing to shared documents. Update necessary!


Only to view your docs. Editing is not possible. What is the value of a web-based service when you cannot work with it on your mobile device? You have to use Zoho Writer if you want to edit docs though active and productive working and editing with your spreadsheets is still not possible.


Great app, very usable. Free replacement to the apple productivity apps.

Problems from the start

If I could rate this lower than a 1 star, I would! Signed up twice because it would not let me sign in with my password. Then it would not log me in. App has problems from the get go!

No editing capability

The app is fairly useless without editing capability.

Wont work

It crashes right after sign in

SO far......

So I just got the app because the online one wouldnt work for my iPad. I open it just to learn that I cant edit anything and I have an essay due today. So Im screwed over because the online desktop one wont let me type any thing, even though I have a keyboard for my iPad and everything and now I cant edit from the app? Stupid. Maybe I can work with it, but for now, since I dont have a Mac at home and I pretty much only use my iPad for school, THIS SUCKS.

Crashes over and over again.

I cant even try it out. Not a good first impression of Zohos product.


You cant even edit your documents so I dont see the point of this app...

Useless as they come.

You can edit your Zoho docs. Awful. Back to Google Docs I go.

doesnt work!!?

sheets does not open and app closing

Не работает

"Sorry, internal server error"

iOS 9,2

Document - sharing -crash

Doesnt work

Unfortunately doesnt work, please upgrade Sfortunatamente non funziona, per favore aggiornate


You cant create, nor edit anything. You can only view what youve already created on their site. Youll never ever use their site to creative doc, youll use google for that

This thing only knows how to crash...

...no way out: each time I try to open a doc on my iPad2....BOOOOM!! Epic crash...thank God its free. Huge fix needed here...is anybody listening???

Does not work properly

Crashes on my ipad and its useless

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